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Owner Ray Jones, originally from Buffalo, NY has called Texas his home since 1992. After being in the hospitality industry for over 25 years, he decided to open a place of his own. In 2011, Ray opened Racks Bar and Grill, a unique restaurant located on six acres with many different foods familiar to Buffalonians, Buffalo natives. Soon, word spread to other Buffalonians there was a local establishment with Buffalo foods, and it didn't take long before Racks became an official Bills Backers location, thanks to the help of Jim Turner! 


Unfortunately, like much of Houston, Hurricane Harvey caused tremendous damage to Racks, causing Ray to close the doors to the business. During such a devastating time for our city, an incredible outpouring of help and support  came from people near and far. People from Buffalo, NY were reaching out to Ray looking for ways they could help. 

When Ray had the opportunity to relocate Racks, he thought it was a great opportunity to show a little tribute to his roots up north, and the name Buffalo Run emerged. 

Here at Buffalo Run we strive to have a fun place to come hangout with your friends and family while enjoying good food and drinks. Buffalo Run has three 12' projectors accompanied by numerous large flatscreen strategically placed customers always have a great view! We have the NFL Sunday Ticket and NHL Center Ice! When you're not watching your favorite team play, we have a 22' shuffleboard, pool table, three soft tip online dart boards and Golden Tee. 

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